Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Next Step

So......I had my medical screen, labs, psychological evaluation, background check, and eric had his labs drawn also.
Everything came back good.
The psych part was creepy, well the written portion anyway..... a lot of weird questions! I am officially not crazy (my mom is thrilled that she didnt "screw me up too badly") hahaha.
Now I am all cleared medically. I may or may not need a varicella vaccine but thats no big deal.
I think the next step may be contracts which should be a breeze considering we've already discussed the major components. Once contracts are drawn up, both sides have a lawyer to help them go over it and sign. Then, we can make a baby!! well.... grow a baby-theyre already made :)
Its hard to not get ahead of myself here, and I cant help but imagine the fun parts.

Because Ohio's insurance is boofy (word blast from the past), we'll have to wait a little bit to get started. I think it would mean a feb. transfer at the latest but possibly jan. which could have me delivering this time next year!!!

In the meantime, Im getting to know the parents and loving every minute of it.
They are such sweet people and I am truly blessed

2013 is going to be a fantastic year!

Friday, September 7, 2012

On Cloud Nine

I've been putting off writing this: for the first time in my life I have a loss for words.
I've been feeling so many emotions lately- all good! Its just hard for me to wrap my brain around this. I CANNOT BELIEVE how blessed I am.
These dads are out of this world!

I had an amazing time in LA- and that word "amazing" does not even come close to doing the trip justice.

God has been so ever-present and it reaffirms everything I am doing. I do not believe in coincidences, and with that said, so many things have happened that makes me want to cry happy tears. I've never been more sure of ANYTHING else in life like I feel for this journey and these dads.

For them to think even for a split second that they wouldn't be able to have children just breaks my heart.

So,  I'll start from the beginning:
Monday was Labor Day- S and his mom and pop drove all the way (2.5 hours) to meet up for a cookout so we could all meet eachother's families.
Ummmmm SUPER COOL Parents!!!
Hilarious! Down to Earth, genuine and loving parents. (although after some of the stories S told me, his momma has a sassy side :0
I was so focused on things going smoothly at the cookout that I didn't have time to think that I was actually flying to LA the next morning!
(Thanks to my sissy,mom, and husband for helping so much)
It was wonderful to be able to see all of the most important people in my life together in one setting. That alone is rare.

Tuesday Morning: S picked me up and we headed to the airport. Flying is so cool!
We had a layover in Chicago and after a delayed plane, running through the airport in heels, and lots of funny people watching, we got a new flight to LA.
I have this weird thing for palm trees- they make me crazy happy :) so to see them from the plane was heaven.

As soon as we landed we grabbed a bite to eat and S gave me the most beautiful Swarovski crystal angel wing necklaces! Talk about unexpected!
I told him we don't need luck (because we have something better) but that hopefully it will represent 2 necklaces for 2 babies ;)
I was blown away

Our doctors appointment was first (and the entire reason for being there)
I was slightly nervous for what the doctor was going to see and say, I mean I know I have working parts, but I have heard of some surrogates going for the medical screen and it not being a good outcome. I really wanted him to like my uterus hahaha!
He said "crystal clear, as good as it gets, you're perfect!!"
I could see the relief falling off of S.
His face showed such a beautiful smile when he heard of the results- and that gave me a glimpse into what it will be like handing him his child. I CANNOT WAIT!

They have been down such a hard road in their search for a family and that was very noticable considering the relationship the guys seem to have with the staff. The nurses were so thrilled that I was ok'd by the doctor that after we left, we had to go back to the office for more labs lol. The wonderful nurse that will be working with the guys and I gave me all sorts of prenatal vitamin samples and said "here take them all! Ill order any kind you want" haha
She also was very thorough in showing me how to use the needles and vials (which cracked me up....I use those things all day long at work) What I am nervous about is the stabbing myself on purpose part...EEEKK
The doctor was wonderful! He seemed to appreciate my interest in the medical aspect of it and willingly showed me the ultrasound monitor and explained exactly what he was looking for and pointing everything out. I hate it when docs just do their thing and dont use the opportunity to teach.
He's my kind of doc !

Next up- shopping, people watching and gobbs of laughing. He is HILARIOUS and my sides still hurt!! We definitely have the same sense of humor
We walked along the ocean which was a dream come true for me, to stand in the Pacific---Yes Please!! It was freezing!
Checked out the Santa Monica Pier and had a very realxing dinner. I couldn't wipe the smile from my face!
Stayed in a fabulous hotel and awoke the next morning for another full day of flying home. Beyond thankful S came with me- I would have been a hot mess with my amazing direction skills ;)

Once home, I got another great present.....which had meaning of hope and promise and optimism.....pregnancy tests!! :) 8 of them to be exact hahaha. That meant the world to me

All I can do is shake my head in awe at this amazing opportunity. Its so strange not being able to match my feelings to words. How can I ever describe the power, magnitude, and love that God has given me?
Yes I am helping this couple have a baby, but it feels so much bigger than that. I am gaining so much from this!
It's the principal of the whole situation- a gay couple and a christian. (not that theyre not christian....I actually don't know) So many christian people think a baby is meant for a man and a woman. Which is where I was at mentally at one point also. Without going off on a tangent, EVERYONE deserves to have and experience the love of family.
I want to show the world what LOVE really means.
What Jesus did for us, and what He has asked of us- to love unconditionally. I love these Dads. I couldn't imagine doing this for anyone else.
To think one day soon I get to be a part of their dream of being daddies....and get a front row seat :)
My cup runneth over............