Monday, December 31, 2012


My apologies for taking this long to update, but as you can imagine it's been a busy holiday.
We were expecting a huge snow storm to kick in the exact time I needed to leave for the airport..... figures.
My rock star sister got us there safe and sound and I couldn't believe our flight was still on time!

Our luck started in true Detroit fashion as I go to pay for my checked bag at which point the sassy airport lady actually said
"ma'am your bag is free cause I ain't got time for that."
We knew from that moment on it was going to be a fantastic trip!
I was also nervous about flying with my meds and needles in my carry-on, but it was no big deal at all. They never even questioned me.
So then we were off to LA!

5 hour flight, but we made it work. One of my best friends went with me and so we did nothing but laugh the entire time!
And since I'm so good at figuring out this time change thing..... NOT
I quickly realize that I'm going to have to give myself my shot en route.
Let me just say, to give yourself a shot in the hip on an airplane bathroom is no small thing. BUT I DID IT!!
We make it there safely and upon landing I get a text from the guys that they were stuck in New Jersey because of the snow and wouldn't be flying in until the next day at noon.
This was going to be a huge problem!
The transfer was scheduled for 11:30!

Now I'm freaking out and sad and upset. These are their babies, they HAVE to be there!!

My husband and friend both quickly remind me that the transfer is not the most important part..... but rather 9 months from now.
That helped a lot, but I was still so sad.
So the following day, which was the 27th, we get ready and head to the clinic to check in at 11. I do the blood work and sign in with the ladies.
As I'm sitting there all nervous praying the Valium kicks in, I get a text from the guys that they've landed!!! I turn to tell my friend and the nurse calls my name to come back!!

I told her the situation that the guys had just landed and she said it was no big deal and that we can wait for them!
Thank You JESUS!!

So we were told to come back at 1:30 instead.
That gave us plenty of time to go for a beautiful walk in LA. It was picture perfect! We found a whole foods (fresh market around here except on steroids) and got some freshly made fire roasted pizza as well as a whole pineapple and avocados.
Pineapple core for a sticky uterus, and avocado for healthy fats which benefit cellular structure. 
The guys had time to get their bags and a car and meet us at the clinic just in time!

I drop my drawz and everyone comes in. 
My friend, the dads, a nurse, the embryologist, and the Doc.
We were able to see a pic of the 2 embryos (one from each guy) and the expert explained their condition was perfect. They looked pre-freeze quality!
It was so awesome to get to see that pic of them. I said Hi and told them to make themselves at home.
Doc did his thing and within a couple of minutes it was over.

The wonderful ladies from Modern Family Surrogacy were there to greet all of us and it was so sweet to finally meet them!

I rested for about a half hour and then was told to be on bed rest for 24 hours.

That night we watched 'What to expect when you're expecting' with one of the dads and had a blast!

I lounged around the next morning and took my time getting ready.

My friend was driving around 3 hours to meet me and the dads!!!

Here is where I'm going to tear up.
This girl is amazing. Kentra you are an amazing support system for me and I cannot possibly thank you enough. It's crazy how 2 people can become so close and had never met.
 have already gained so much from this journey and thank God everyday for the people He has brought into my life.

We all headed down to the Santa Monica Pier and played in the ocean (despite its freezing-ness)
Side note: Kentra I'm totally stealing some of those pics!
Then we all went to Third Street Promenade ?
Basically there are tons of stores and street entertainment mixed in with lots of...... characters. lol
I had so much fun just walking and talking. It was great not having any set plans.

Dinner time came around and Kentra and her family started back for home. SAD!!

The 4 of us then went to dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant and I gobbled up my food.
It was so weird not having little mouths to feed and being able to enjoy a meal out.

We were all tired so off to bed it was. The next morning we slept in (which was amazing) and 3 of us went to breakfast. Also amazing!
Maybe its the babies, but the food was tasting so great!

Next up, shopping!
I got to spend the entire day with 3 awesome people!
We did nothing but laugh the entire time.
We saw the Hollywood sign, and the Griffith Observatory which was a bucket list thing for me for sure!
I'm so thankful that the guys toured us around.
It was sincerely a picture perfect trip and I am nothing but smiles!

P.s. Pink Berry is amazing!

I'm sure I am forgetting tons of things, but I have to cut this short, the ball is about to drop!
I have a funny feeling 2013 is going to be phenomenal.
Thank You to everyone who helped take care of my boys while I was gone- I missed them dearly.

Beta is January 7th! But hopefully I'll be able to post a pic of a positive pregnancy test soon.

As always, PRAY!!!!
God alone is the giver of life and I know with my whole heart this is what He has lead me to do.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Great news!!

I went on the 20th for labs and ultrasound and I was so nervous!
There was the question in my head of whether or not I ovulated, and I was also hoping for a good number on the uterine lining.
The tech was wonderful and I was in and out.
I knew that a lining 8 or above was good, but what most doctors like to see is between 10-12.
Well...... Mine was over 17!!
Que the freak out
I have heard of some cycles being cancelled because of linings too thick and so began my dreaded wait to hear from the RE in LA.
In the meantime I chatted with some surro friends who also had bigger linings and although they reassured me, I still stalked my email.
All of a sudden I get a text from S that the doctor called him and said we're moving forward with the transfer!!!!!
I must not have ovulated and all is well.
Thank God!!!
The guys were so sweet the whole time!
It was also their anniversary so I'm so glad it was good news!
And of course my rockstar Hubbs knows just how to keep me smiling and my spirits up.
It's such a blessing having a marriage where we can pray together and go through this journey together. He has been great at giving me my shots---- and that's a good thing because we're getting ready to kick it into overdrive. Ill post a pic of my med schedule.
It's pretty rough but definitely worth it to grow a baby :D
Holy crap I need to pack :)
Merry Christmas! Ill be coming back knocked up!!!!
Ps I still need ideas for telling the daddies the good news of a positive pregnancy test and beta!!?!?
Don't be shy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Tomorrow I have an ultrasound and labs to check hormone levels and the lining of my uterus.
I have only an educated guess on where the lining should be thickness wise- so I hope everything is how the doc wants it.

What I am slightly concerned about is whether or not I've ovulated. Theoretically, the delestrogen stopped me from doing so, but there is a rare chance I could've ovulated through. Which would be bad. We would have to cancel this cycle, wait for a P, and start over. Really bad!
The reason I have these concerns is because right around the time I normally ovulate, I started to feel pressure in my ovaries. It wasn't the typical ovulation cramps, just more of a pressure- but it was definitely there.
I informed the nurse and the doctor said he will check it all out in tomorrows results.
From the women I've spoken to that have gone through IVF, the pressure is normal.
But I still have that concern in the back of my head.
I know that worrying wont change a single thing, and it will only make me feel worse.
So I am trying my hardest to keep reminding myself that God's timing is always perfect and He is in control.
I guess if there has to be a hiccup or two, ill gladly take this over lots of other worse things.
Hopefully tomorrow I can go to bed relieved.
We're so close and I just don't want to mess anything up.
Fingers crossed for our departure in 1 week!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ok so I have been stalking YouTube and Pinterest trying to find a fun way to announce the pregnancy to the dads. Problem number 1: they want to wait for beta, understandably so. Problem number 2: since they will be waiting for beta, there's no way I can mail anything because everyone knows the beta date so they will be foot tapping waiting for the call. I need ideas on something fun and cute of how to spread the good news (because its sooo going to work the first time!) right! Right?
Hey big man upstairs...... This is my Christmas wish *hint hint*!

One idea I saw was to take a picture of the pregnancy test with a note that says "can't wait to meet you"
I also would include the beta number.
It's a good idea but I was just curious of anything better.
Let me know!!
Also, the dads read the blog and we are friends on Facebook so I won't be posting too much until beta. But, I may have to ban them from the blog until then so they don't see all your wonderful answers;)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

All Things Surrogacy

All Things Surrogacy is a group I found through Facebook and I love having the support on a daily basis. It's fun to go on these journey's together and see the types of experiences other ladies have.
They were interested in finding more surrogate bloggers to feature on their page and I jumped at the opportunity to share my surrogacy.

My name is Rebecca and I am 26 years old from Ohio. I have been married for almost 5 years and we have 2 boys ages 3 (Maveric) and 1 (Finley).
I am a Pharmacy Tech at a hospital and currently in school working towards becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife. I just can't get enough of pregnant bellies and babies ;)
I have always had surrogacy in my heart and in April of 2012 (March or April) I decided to check out an agency and learn more about surrogacy.
I knew right away it was something I wanted, something I was capable of, and an incredible opportunity to spread the love of family.
I prayed about it hard, and discussed it with my husband before turning in my paperwork with Modern Family Surrogacy in California.
I am now matched with 2 unbelievably nice guys (from Ohio.....crazy- I know) and have started meds for our FET on December 27th!
This experience so far is already WAY more than I ever imagined and I am so blessed to get to be a part of love this big. I CANNOT wait for what lies ahead, which I can sense is going to be incredible.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sophia Selynn!

Wow! What an awesome thing birth is!
It never ceases to amaze me. I had the incredible honor and joy of helping a dear friend of mine through labor. She is such a rockstar! An awesome friend and mother and true sister to me.
I don't think she'll ever know how much I value her.
We all welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world on December 5th!
They opted to not know the sex of the baby until birth and let me tell you it makes for an exciting birth. This was her second child and I was present for the first as well! 2 girls for my 2 boys to fight over- yikes :)
TMI alert:
Some may think this is cool, and some (most) will think I'm just weird, but literally as my friend finished pushing out her baby my aunt arrived ;) ;)
I know..... I told you TMI!
I just think its cool realizing one pregnancy was over quite literally as another was starting. God is incredible and so miraculous !
For those that have not seen a birth, I highly recommend it!

As far as the next steps in my surrogacy.....
I went yesterday for labs which yielded a 70 estrogen level and 1.5 progesterone.
As far as what the nurse said, and my googling, those numbers are normal.
I also gave myself my first shot last night!! 2 mg or 0.1 ml of delestrogen.
It was so easy!
I was definitely shaking, but oddly excited to stab myself
I feel so official!
I continue on this dose every 3 days and will go back it on the 12th for more labs to see if my dose will change.
I also will be getting an ultrasound on the 20th to check my uterine lining.
Less than 3 weeks until transfer!
So. Flipping. Excited.
My emotions lately are sky high with happiness. Sweet baby Sophia is here and I'm one step closer to helping create that wonderful feeling of family for 2 out of this world dads!
Thank You Jesus!!!
I know this isn't for everyone, and most people will never understand, but I do, and I have outstanding support!

So thankful for those special people God strategically places in my path. Jill, you are just what I needed that night- thank you!
So for now I will leave you with a sweet picture of the little Miss Sophia Selynn
This sweet face is the reason I want to help