Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still on track!

Got the P today. Which means our appointment is still good for the 4th in Cali! Since our flight is so early, S is coming the night before and staying in a hotel.
I can't wait for all the fun stuff planned!

We will be having a cookout for labor day at my moms where his parents will also be coming to meet me and my friends/family!! 
Soooo excited!! And nervous :/
It feels like a date :) 
Short and sweet today but my next post will be about my first ever trip to LA!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Medical exam

Appointment set for the medical screen in LA on September 4th. Coming home on the 5th.
Starting bc pills in the a.m. and stopping on the 25th to bring on aunt flo.
It's been about 9 years since ive been on any kind of bc so it'll be interesting to see how my mood shifts ;)
Pray for Eric
S will be going with me : Thank Goodness! He's a blast!
I'm finally getting to meet the ladies from Modern Family (well at least one for sure)
This is so cool! :D

Monday, August 13, 2012


I'm SOOOOO excited!!
I don't know why I was so nervous, the guys are awesome!
We met for breakfast then went to the park afterwards.
Maveric was cracking me up all day. At breakfast he decided to stake his claim on everyone's food except his own. Then proceeded to pour his own syrup and cut his own pancakes. Maybe I have a chef in the making??
Finn also did pretty well. He was dancing like usual.
It was so nice to get together with them and just relax, enjoy the day, and get to know each other.
Eric loves them too, not that theres anything not to love :)
They are S & A. Super nice, generous, funny, caring, and down to earth. They no doubt will make fantastic parents and have lots of love to give! Looking back I am so happy at how things have turned out. I know I was super bummed and sad that I wasn't being matched right away,but of course, it all makes sense now! I dont think I could dream up better people to get to do this for!
I know that some IP's live far from their surrogates and in some cases really really far. I am so happy that the guys are close and only a short drive away. We will get to have a much closer relationship than a lot of other people and I can't wait to meet their families as well as introduce them to those near and dear to me.
So once we got home, I was to call the agency and let them know how
 I felt the meeting went. ( AMAZING)
Then I had to hope and pray and wait to see if the guys felt the same.
Right before the agency called me back, S texted to say they are looking forward to building a very strong relationship going forward
.............Best news ever!
So of course once the agency called I couldnt stop smiling like this :)))))))))
Cora could probably hear me smiling thats how big it was!
so.... the next step.
TMI alert ( not that any men read this)
the next step is for me to have a medical screening with their IVF doc. AKA= flying to LA
He needs to see me between days 6 and 11 of my cycle which would be within the next week. If thats too soon, it will wait until my next P.
Also have to get the insurance bit figured out which the agency will help with.

This journey is a long awaited one for the guys and the baby/babies will be so spoiled and get so much attention (first child for both sides)
I CANNOT wait to get to do this....
Im picturing how fun it will be to get to tell them I am prego and see their anticipation grow as my belly does.
As we all know, I am crazy passionate about babies and birth and I know firsthand how magical it is to be in the room the minute a baby arrives. Its nothing short of a miracle and it will change you forever. If any of you have ever had the honor of witnessing a birth, ( shoutout to my beautiful baby girls gianna and payton) you too know how honorable that moment is and you were probably so grateful that the mom wanted you there?!
Well I get to do that times 100. I get to be the one to give them their baby not just be present during it.
I am completely honored,excited,happy,blessed.
Seriously the guys are awesome!
Thank You God for your hand in this---- I wouldnt/couldnt be doing this without your o so loud presence. I LOVE how well He knows me and how I need to be told things a couple times each gradually getting louder in order to really be sure I am on the right path.
Such a sense of calm when you realize youre right where He wants you.
You really can't wipe the smile from my face :D

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

maybe just maybe

I know it's probably way too early to say anything, but I'm just too darn excited and can't keep it in! There is another potential match!!!
and gues what..............
holy crap i know!

They are awesome and smart and sweet and funny and...... my cheeks hurt from smiling.
I got to talk to them today on the phone and we've made plans for a double date on Sunday.
They are gonna drive all the way here and meet with us. (o man I hope our boys behave)
and I hope that I don't act my usual clumsy self :/
For me, I already know I want to work with them. I think they might be wanting to wait until after Sunday's meeting before talking with Modern Family but not sure.
Crazy how things work out.
I thought this journey was going to be a way for me to help open other people's eyes, but I'm quickly learning that maybe God is using this to open MY eyes :)

I better not get too ahead of myself so just pray that they like me and want to work with me just as much as I do them.
Dear God, Please don't let me trip, spill anything, or stutter
and please o please let our children be on their best behavior