Tuesday, February 12, 2013

9 week uktrasound

Well, technically at 8 weeks 6 days I had another ultrasound to check on the progression of the baby.
The trip went very well- I managed not to crash the car and made it home safely.
I went solo on this trip which I was not really looking forward to because of all the driving, but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated.

I first met the guys at their house and I just have to say- could I be more spoiled?? I think not!
Tons of gifts for me and my boys!
They are so stinkin cute and I couldn't be matched with better people.
We drove to the appointment together and eagerly got right down to it.
Baby is measuring right on track and we got to hear the heartbeat this time!
Best. Sound. Ever.
It has arm and leg buds and was wiggling all around- movin' and groovin'
After the appointment we went and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (my first time)
It was so good! Then we moseyed around a kick ass mall and did a little shopping. I love every minute I get to spend with them- I usually spend 95% of my time cracking up laughing at or with at least one of them.
Then the time came for me to wander back home. Had to be back for my ever-so-loved shots.
While I was there I also had labs drawn for hormone checks.

That's where more good news comes in
- I am now released from the care of the IVF doctor and no longer have to do the delestrogen shot every 3 days!!
I have a repeat progesterone level check in about a week and a half- and will still be monitored by the California RE until I'm off all meds- but there is a light at the end of the tunnel :)
I have faith that my levels will be good and ill get to be done with all shots and suppositories on the 21st, but prayers are always appreciated.

As far as an OB goes, I have a meet and greet this Thursday (valentines day) to see how we will mesh.
I have a very strong opinion on the way I would like my labor and birth to go.
It's my number one priority to make sure the baby as well as myself are not just put through the system.
I work in it and see all too often the amount of unnecessary csections, inductions, and augmentations that occur.
I will be having a doula for this birth which I find 100% necessary in order for me to have an unmedicated birth.
Therefore- my OB better be badass and like-minded or else I'll have to find someone else.
I'm sure she'll be great and ill have good news to report ;)
If things with Dr.Owen go as hoped, I will be scheduling a prenatal check-up as well as NT scan for the week or 2 to follow.
That means...... I get to see the daddies again!!
And~ we get to see baby again!!

So so fun!

On the home front, my family is finally getting over all this sicky junk going around. Maveric completely understands what mommy is doing, and frequently asks how A&S's baby in mommy's belly is doing. He always asks what it's name is lol. He doesn't quite understand why it doesn't have a name yet- or why we don't know if its a boy or girl, but he understands that we are not keeping it. I think he's pretty excited about not keeping it as he has a hard enough time with Finley stealing his toys lol.

I know there are a few people out there that just don't get it and/or don't think it's right that I'm doing this for a same sex couple to which I could say a whole lot. And I have, in a nice memo, privately, saved on my phone. I contemplated writing a blog about it but ultimately decided against it. It's not worth it. I dont have to convince anyone of anything. I vent to myself and let out my frustrations via journaling, and for now that was enough. I've learned that not everyone can or will understand and do NOT practice what they preach.
Jesus showed unconditional love. Period.
It just sucks that some people can be so blind. Anywho- I don't want to get started- so I better end this now.
I pray for a healthy strong baby to which 2 wonderful dads deserve.

Thank you Jesus for blessing me and giving me peace in my heart and soul.
As always, looking forward to the future, completely assured and confident in God's plan.
Here's a pic of sweet baby at 9 weeks :) and a belly pic of 7 1/2 weeks

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