Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm so sorry I waited this long to update!
Honestly, I didn't think anyone outside of Facebook actually read my blog. Glad to know I was wrong

So I went in on the 7th for beta


After not wanting to wait the whole day....

I looked up my own results in the computer at work

I know that I technically probably shouldn't have done that, but, I have 0 patience. And also technically, it's not violating HIPAA.
Beta was

I immediately started poas the morning we left LA. The morning after we got home, which was 4dp5dt, and December 31st, I swear I saw a second line. It was literally so faint I could have been imagining it.
Tested on a digital at noon=negative
Tested on another First response at 6pm and got a very very there positive!!!!
Just for funsies I tested on a digital again around 11:30 and got a beautiful "pregnant"!!!!
Talk about in shock!
I couldn't believe it! First of all it was evening urine. Secondly it was a digital!!
I started crying and shaking and wanted to shout it from the rooftops but instead I sent some friends a pic
I also sent a pic to the daddies at around 10 minutes till midnight and said happy new year;)
I seriously wanted to do something so cute and fun as a way to break them the news but once I saw that pregnant sign I couldn't hold it in another minute!

Based off of the sensitivity of the test, we did our own math to try and guess the beta. We were pretty on target
So for now, the next beta is on the 14th!
And as long as everything is doubling correctly, an ultrasound will be scheduled for the 25th. I will be 6 weeks6 days at that point so we should definitely see a heartbeat........ Or two ;)

It took a couple days to sink in that I'm actually pregnant and I've had so much relief knowing it worked the first time.

I've been eating super healthy and enjoying the time I have not barfing for fear it will soon be here.
Only a few pregnancy symptoms so far- ahhh this is so amazing

I feel so honored to be able to help
I have never felt closer to God

Pray for great beta numbers!!!
I promise ill update Monday once I get (look up) the results ;)

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