Friday, December 21, 2012

Great news!!

I went on the 20th for labs and ultrasound and I was so nervous!
There was the question in my head of whether or not I ovulated, and I was also hoping for a good number on the uterine lining.
The tech was wonderful and I was in and out.
I knew that a lining 8 or above was good, but what most doctors like to see is between 10-12.
Well...... Mine was over 17!!
Que the freak out
I have heard of some cycles being cancelled because of linings too thick and so began my dreaded wait to hear from the RE in LA.
In the meantime I chatted with some surro friends who also had bigger linings and although they reassured me, I still stalked my email.
All of a sudden I get a text from S that the doctor called him and said we're moving forward with the transfer!!!!!
I must not have ovulated and all is well.
Thank God!!!
The guys were so sweet the whole time!
It was also their anniversary so I'm so glad it was good news!
And of course my rockstar Hubbs knows just how to keep me smiling and my spirits up.
It's such a blessing having a marriage where we can pray together and go through this journey together. He has been great at giving me my shots---- and that's a good thing because we're getting ready to kick it into overdrive. Ill post a pic of my med schedule.
It's pretty rough but definitely worth it to grow a baby :D
Holy crap I need to pack :)
Merry Christmas! Ill be coming back knocked up!!!!
Ps I still need ideas for telling the daddies the good news of a positive pregnancy test and beta!!?!?
Don't be shy!


  1. Holy wow, that is a heck of a med schedule.

    Maybe get a two-pack of HPT's. Instead of peeing directly on the stick, pee in a paper/plastic/whatever type of disposable cup. Once you get the positive, take a video of dipping the stick and watching the test until it turns positive. Maybe put it to music or something. Then email it to them. That way, they get to experience the test taking too. :)

    Another idea is to order some sort of "Congratulations, you're going to be daddies" gift and send them the confirmation email.

    Set up a Pinterest board with baby related stuff and include a picture of you holding a positive HPT.

  2. Those are such great ideas!!!!!
    Thank you so much!!